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  • March 17, 2018

Annual LGBTQ Tourism Survey

Annual LGBTQ Tourism Survey

When asked about concerns when selecting an international travel destination, participants expressed mostly safety-related concerns as an LGBTQ individual as well as a foreigner. Political environment in the destination also has a influence in destination selection. Concerns such as language, natural disasters and currency rates were not large barriers to LGBTQ international travel.’


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  • 12% of married participants indicated marriage within the past year, slightly down from the year before (15%). CMI would expect the number of newly-wed LGBTQ couples to stabilize year to year as long-term same sex couples have tied the knot in the past decade. The most popular LGBTQ honeymoon destinations are Europe and beach destinations.


  • 6% of all LGBTQ respondents had negative travel experience because of LGBTQ reasons. This number is significantly higher among gender expansive community members (16%). Workers in the tourism¬†and hospitality industry should not only be informed about LGB and same-sex couple concerns, but need diversity
    training on issues important to gender expansive travellers.


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